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Sea Cadets

Whether at sea or on land, Sea Cadets offers young people across the UK amazing opportunities for personal development – by learning new skills and working in teams – we offer an environment where young people find new confidence and inspiration. Today, 14,000 young people based in 400 units in towns, cities and ports across the UK are challenging themselves and developing new skills, like sailing, boating and abseiling – supported by 9,000 volunteers.
With Sea Cadets, you’ll experience the most exhilarating and unique challenges. Whatever you choose to do, whether it’s hoisting the sail of a yacht, racing down a river in a kayak or mountain biking down twisty trails– there is a world of exciting challenges waiting for you. And don’t forget, you could take on Royal Marines Cadet training and experience obstacle courses, adventure training and practice field skills.
Most Sea Cadet courses are recognised by leading UK bodies such as Royal Yacht Association, British Canoeing and Duke of Edinburgh, which means when you put time into one of them, you’re working towards accredited qualifications. So, in short, you have fun, learn loads and end up with some valuable experience.


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